Selecting the Ideal Deck Design


Choosing the perfect deck design is crucial in creating your dream outdoor living space, whether it’s a cozy corner for peaceful relaxation or a spacious setting for vibrant social events.. The deck’s size, type, and design significantly influence the overall feel and functionality of your outdoor space. Navigating through the myriad of choices can seem daunting so we’re here to help.

At West Shire Decks, we are known for our expertise therefore we’ve put together this detailed guide to assist you through the selection process. From assessing your available outdoor space to picking the right materials, we ensure you have all the information needed to select a deck that complements your outdoor living space perfectly.


Essentials for Deck Size Selection

The right deck size is essential for fulfilling your outdoor space aspirations. Here are vital considerations:

  • Space Assessment: Carefully evaluate the space you have at your disposal. Consider how your yard’s layout, existing structures, and special features might influence the deck’s dimensions. It’s crucial to choose a size that harmonizes with your outdoor space, enhancing its appeal and functionality without overwhelming it.
  • Usage Intent: Contemplate how you intend to use your deck. The size should accommodate your envisioned activities, whether it’s hosting large parties or enjoying quiet, intimate gatherings.
  • Furnishing and Features: Plan for the furniture and additional features you desire. Adequate space is a must for easy movement and accessibility, especially when incorporating dining sets, lounge areas, or hot tubs.
  • Future Adaptations: If you anticipate your needs might evolve, incorporating room for expansion in your initial plan can save on future modifications.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your deck design complies with local regulations and codes to avoid any legal complications.


Material Selection for Your Deck

The choice of materials significantly impacts your deck’s longevity and aesthetic appeal:

  • Composite: Popular for its durability and low maintenance, making it a practical option for any climate.
  • PVC: Highly durable and easy to maintain, though it might not offer the natural look of wood.
  • Wood: Offers timeless beauty but requires regular maintenance to prevent decay and damage.
  • Aluminum: Offers longevity and minimal upkeep but may carry a higher initial cost and a more modern look than traditional wood.

Deck Styles to Explore

Choose a deck style that enhances your home and reflects your personal taste:

  • Traditional: A versatile choice that complements any architectural style with its classic lines.
  • Modern: For those who prefer sleek, minimalist designs with a focus on functionality.
  • Rustic: Ideal for a natural, inviting outdoor space with a cozy ambiance.
  • Coastal: Evokes the relaxed, breezy feel of seaside living, perfect for homes near the water or for beach lovers.
  • Multi-Level: A great option for sloped terrains or to create distinct areas for various activities.
  • Poolside: Prioritizes safety and ease of maintenance, essential for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Deck Layout and Functionality

A thoughtful layout is key to a deck that’s both visually appealing and functional:

  • Designate different zones for activities, ensuring a smooth flow and efficient use of space for dining, lounging, or entertaining.
  • Incorporate privacy measures or optimize views according to your preferences, ensuring the deck is a haven for relaxation or socializing.
  • Consider safety features and accessibility to ensure enjoyment for everyone, regardless of mobility concerns.

Sustainable Material Choices

Choosing sustainable materials for your deck not only supports environmental well-being but also offers durability and beauty. Seek out sustainably sourced materials, those with a high content of recycled materials, and options that promise long-term durability with minimal upkeep. Locally sourced materials further reduce environmental impact and support local businesses.

The Value of Professional Installation

Opting for professional installation ensures your deck is built in compliance with local codes, with assured structural integrity and high-quality craftsmanship. Professionals can navigate potential challenges efficiently, provide cost-effective material solutions, and guarantee the safety and longevity of your deck.

After selecting a professional installer and finalizing your deck plans, prepare your outdoor space for the transformation. Stay engaged with the installation process to ensure your vision is realized. Upon completion, a thorough inspection guarantees that your new deck meets your expectations, ready for years of enjoyment.

Maintain your deck with regular care, and it will remain a cherished aspect of your outdoor living space for years to come. West Shire Decks is here to guide you through each step, ensuring your deck not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Contact us for unmatched expertise and quality craftsmanship in bringing your deck dreams to life.

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