Building Your Deck: Which Fascia is Better?

Building Your Deck: Which Fascia is Better?

Building Your Deck: Which Fascia is Better?

Composite Fascia vs PVC Fascia

Building Your Deck: Which Fascia is Better?

A Battle of the Fascias

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of setting foot on your brand-new deck—especially after it’s been expertly designed and built by our team here at West Shire Decks. However, throughout the process, there are some decisions to make. One question we get asked often is “Which fascia is better to use? Color match composite fascia or white PVC fascia?”

It’s a great question to ask and we’re here to give you the answer…and that is, it depends! Tag along with us as we break down the benefits of these two fascia types, so you can make a more informed decision during your deck construction process. It’s always a great time to renovate your deck or install a new one and our team is always ready to help. Let’s get to it.

Building Your Deck: Which Fascia is Better?

Color Match Composite Fascia

Let’s define composite real quick: composite material is a combination of wood and plastic that provides a durable and adaptable material used in many construction projects like building a deck. The overall appearance of composite is difficult to distinguish from actual wood as they are very similar visually.

Now that we’re on the same page of what composite is, let’s break down the benefits of picking this material for your deck fascia. First up, we want to highlight the color match capabilities of this material. This is more of an aesthetic benefit, but a lot of homeowners end up wanting their deck to match the rest of the house. When you pick the manufacturer for your decking, like Trex or Timbertech, which we professionally install, the fascia is manufactured in the same style and color. This capability is very desirable and gives your deck that aesthetic appeal when all is said and done.

However, there’s more than meets the eye with composite fascia. This material is also easy to maintain and typically does not rot, except in very rare cases. Composite is a great choice when choosing fascia for your deck and can provide an aesthetically pleasing look along with some solid durability. Routine maintenance usually only includes routine cleaning or as needed and can easily be cleaned or sprayed off with a hose. All in all, this is a great option if you want your deck to match your home’s color palette.

Composite Pro-Tip: If you are building a composite deck, you are not restricted to only composite fascia. You still have your choice of fascia when it comes down to it.

Building Your Deck: Which Fascia is Better?

PVC Fascia

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a rather common plastic product that A LOT of people have seen but may not recognize it in the deck world, as it’s most commonly used for piping water and other home applications. It’s actually a great choice for your deck fascia for the simple fact that it is reliably durable and extremely waterproof.

This material is also compatible with virtually any type of deck and being a neutral white, dune/sand, or Earth/khaki color, it usually compliments the aesthetics of the deck itself. Picking PVC is a low maintenance option and typically only needs to be washed off once a month, especially if your deck is closer to the ground. In most cases, a garden hose with a nozzle will do the trick to get your PVC fascia cleaned up in no time.

The only limitation our experts see with PVC is the limitation on color. This fascia comes standard in a Neutral White, Dune/Sand, and Earth/Khaki, like we mentioned before, and could potentially clash with the color of the house or deck in rare instances. Either way, it still makes for a solid finished look. When installed and done the right way by our team, this fascia turns out looking clean and fresh after installation…especially after we get the pressure washer guys on it!

Composite Pro-Tip: Our business is a proud TrexPro Platinum member and installer, which means you also receive a 3-Year Labor Warranty on the composite installation along with the Trex 25 Year Limited Warranty on all of their composite products. West Shire Decks also carries a 3-Year Labor Warranty on your build as well! Now those are some perks if we’ve ever heard one! You get to rely on our 3-Year Labor Warranty along with any manufacturer warranty you get!

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