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Concrete isn’t just the rigid gray flat surface you walk or drive on. It is a science.
To get that foundation, bridge, highway, parking lot, driveway, patio, and sidewalk in place takes years of engineering and planning.
When we show up to dig, form, and pour, the hard work has already been done. At least mentally. There are hundreds of designs of concrete mixes, many methods of form work, reinforcement placement, and grading techniques that are considered when determining how to complete your concrete project.
Yes… that includes your little sidewalk!

When choosing a concrete contractor, it is critical that you work with a company that not only conceptualizes this science, but also has a passion and respect for it.
That is the staff at West Shire Concrete. You can sense the attributes we possess for this work and see it in our process and finished products.

Concrete gives you one shot, this makes us unique among the construction trades.

Let’s make the right choice together. 


“Concrete or Asphalt?” is a question typically asked. Both are viable options.

Asphalt is less expensive and that new black driveway is pretty. Until next year… when it fades and you have to reseal it, and then again, and again, while it cracks and bellies on you as well.

Concrete has a much longer lifespan, has a default higher strength, it will not manifest the issues asphalt does, and we think it is even prettier!

Our process is simple, fast, and quality. We remove the existing material, place a new stone subbase, reinforce with steel, pour the proper depth and volume of concrete, and cut in the joints so there are no cracks in the surface of your new driveway.

Every concrete placement is sealed upon completion. We are always in compliance with municipal codes for permitting, ADA, and reinforcement. With the optional topsoil and seeding,

West Shire Concrete provides a turnkey experience that makes this a one and done process. 


We Pennsylvanians are blessed with almost three seasons worth of “outdoor” time.
Having a backyard space that maximizes that time is critical.

There are many options to create this backyard space.
What makes concrete so appropriate for so many other applications is what makes it the right choice for a patio.

Concrete has a lower cost per square foot and can be placed in any shape you can think of.
Imagine a contoured shape, recessed fire pit, and a rigid surface you can actually walk on with bare feet.
Grills, hot tubs, furniture, that cute little bistro set with an umbrella… Concrete!

Click on our decorative concrete page to incorporate patterns and colors into your patio!

Choose West Shire Concrete. Our imagination is as broad as yours, and our experience enables execution. 

Sidewalks & Porches

Concrete pretty much has the market cornered on sidewalks and porches.
Shaping and placement methods are the primary reason concrete is the go to material for these applications.

You may already have a sidewalk.
Is the surface deteriorating?
Is it uneven and unsafe?
Do you want something more ostentatious to heighten your curb appeal?
Has your porch cracked or settled?
Do you want an expansion to place under roof?

Regardless of your reasoning, West Shire Concrete can complete your project with efficiency, neatness, and style!

Decorative Concrete

Concrete is such a versatile material. As mentioned in our introduction, it is a science.
This science goes even further with decorative concrete.

The basics of this process is a special mix of design, coloring, antiquing (adds color contrast), and finish patterns.
We have the experience, skillset, options, and imagination to transform a standard concrete application into a gorgeous platform that is both functionally and aesthetically appealing!

West Shire Concrete has 11 patterns, 35 antique colors, and 84 color options to choose from.

Decorative concrete is still more cost effective than pavers and decking with much less maintenance.

This process is effective for retaining/sitting walls, flat surfaces, fire pits, hot tub platforms, sidewalks, driveways, and porches.

Let’s plan your imagination today!

New Construction & Commercial

The most critical attributes a contractor can possess is experience, competency, and efficiency.

The staff at West Shire Concrete has decades upon decades of experience in all aspects of concrete.

Our staff has managed and built warehouses, retail buildings, gas stations, medical facilities, office buildings, ADA ramps, and site concrete ranging from single yard pours to 1,000 yard pours.

Our ability to conceptualize and execute grade, slope, reinforcement, placement, and finish makes West Shire Concrete a viable option for your new construction, building, site, ADA, and renovation concrete needs.

With a vast network of material, equipment, and management resources we will plan and execute your concrete requirements correctly and on schedule.

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